How to Sell Your House Fast


Are you looking to sell a property quickly? This may be because you have to relocate for a new job. Or, it could be that you’re moving in with a partner. Then again, perhaps you’ve inherited a house hundreds of miles from where you now live?


Whatever the reason, there are various ways you can go about selling your home. Not all of them are simple though, and many can work out pretty expensive (because you probably won’t get the market rate or anything like it). Here are some of the most common ways to sell your house fast:


Selling privately to a cash buyer


This can be a great way to sell your house provided, that is, the company is a reputable one. Take a look at previous testimonials and reviews. Is the company listed on the Financial Services Register? If you do go ahead you’ll be saved the hassle of having to deal with – and pay for – conveyancers and estate agents. And, it’s a fast way of selling.


Just make sure though that the company is reputable. Some unscrupulous ‘sell your house fast’ companies offer you a price then reduce it at the last minute as you’re about to move and have already signed a lease for a new tenancy or property. That way you’ve often no choice but to accept a lower offer. Here at Newsam Properties we will always offer a fair price based on the property’s market value. We’ll never then reduce that price at a later stage.


Selling a property at auction

Selling at auction is another way of selling your house fast. Once a bid is accepted for your home, the buyer has up to 28 days to pay and complete all the necessary paperwork. The downside is that you have to pay commission after you’ve sold your property. This can work out at around 2.5 to 3 per cent of what the property sells for. You’ll also have to pay to market it in the auction house brochure in the first place. Getting the legal documents together will cost in solicitor’s fees too.


Selling property with an estate agent


Most people sell their property through an estate agent. But it’s not the best way to sell if you’re looking for a quick sale. There’s also a lot of money to pay for the privilege. It’s not uncommon to have to fork out around £1000 upfront before your property even appears online on Rightmove and other online selling portals. You’ll then have surveyor fees to pay (averaging £600 a time), as well as a bill for conveyancing.


Selling a property privately


It’s possible to advertise your home on a site such as Gumtree or Facebook and then sell privately. There won’t be any estate agency fees, or dodgy ‘sell your house fast’ company lowering the price as you’re about to move out.


But, this is a stressful way to sell. You’ll be doing the marketing and you’ll have to arrange a photographer, do the floor plan and get surveyors in. You’ll also still have to deal with a conveyancer, do your own viewings and negotiate with any potential buyer. And it’s going to be a long process.



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